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Tai Tokerau TimeBank

Timebanking during the lockdown/rāhui

Timebank is still running, our coordinators are working from home and are here to support you. AND there is now a full team thanks to Lottery Grants Board funding with a few more hours each! We welcomed Graeme Kettle to be the Kaikohe-Hokianga coordinator this month, what a time to be coming on board, if anything timebanking is more important than ever right now.

We’re recognising that our needs may be somewhat different during this unusual time... Timebanking is a great way to strengthen communities and build resilience, there is still a lot we can do for each other without personal contact and bursting each others’ isolation bubbles. Sharing skills can be done in many ways, we can still communicate via the phone, emails, social media and platforms like Zoom. With fewer services available to us right now having someone who can talk us through an unfamiliar task, provide advice, recipes or top tips can make life much easier.

We are looking for offers, requests and ideas, please get in touch if you need help or would like to offer help to others. 

But to get you started here are some of the ways you can be involved: 

  • Sign up to be a telephone buddy - Ring someone on a regular basis to help keep in touch, or even just text - are you someone home alone, the only adult in the house, an extrovert who’s climbing the walls at being stuck in? Touch base with others out there!
  • Be a wellness buddy - Buddy up to stay on track with your movement or mindfulness goals while at home - eg use an online app etc and simultaneously do the same fitness exercise (it’s harder to procrastinate when you’ve committed to doing it with someone else!); share meditation techniques; have a music session together or read each other poems, or email/text each other progress reports.
  • Virtual babysitting/school work help - offer a parent who might well be trying to work from home as well as look after their children the chance to have someone else read their child/ren story books or help out with homework. Skype, Zoom, Facetime etc all have free accounts for this.
  • Personal shopper - put in click and collect or to be delivered supermarket orders for those without the techie ability to do this, and/or be the ‘collect’ person. Or be the in town delivery address for shopping to be picked up later by someone rural  - please ensure you keep yourselves safe, minimise any unnecessary handling and wash/sanitize your hands!
  • If you're home alone buddy up with another person home alone locally and create a bubble between you. In rural areas this can be especially important and/or for those more vulnerable and not wanting to venture out.
  • Conversation in another language - we have several proficient/fluent speakers in Te Reo Māori and a number of international languages. Maybe now is a good opportunity to brush up some of those conversational skills? Or go on a virtual OE and converse your way around the world without leaving home, learn about (more normal!) life in far off lands!
  • Remember many timebankers have family in countries far more badly affected by Covid19 than we are here, reaching out to others with the same or similar geographical connections may be helpful. It is quite likely that there will be shared feelings such as 'there but for the grace of god go I', survivor's guilt etc.

If you’re keen to do any of these things, or receive them you can post an Offer or Request yourself, or contact your local coordinator who can help connect you up with someone.

If you’d rather do something as a group, we have some upcoming Online Events to get involved with. You can donate Timecredits to the Community Fund for participating in these events. Obviously as they are online they're open to timebankers across the whole region!

  • Monday Crafternoons 2-4pm via Zoom - join in for a natter and share what you’re working on, contact Greer if you’re keen to join in. 
  • Gardening at Level 4 via Zoom Tuesdays 7.30-8.30pm - a chance to ask a panel of experienced gardeners questions and share your own solutions to gardening within the Level 4 water and Covid19 restrictions. Contact Anna if you’d like to take part.
  • Alternative Economics discussion group - 10am Friday Mornings via Zoom, contact Greer if you’re keen to join in. We’re trying to keep the group a manageable size for in depth discussion, so if lots of people are keen we can set up breakout groups.
  • Storytime via Zoom, we are testing the idea (including logistics) of having books read to kids via Zoom. We will keep you posted. If you have any thoughts on whether this would be useful or might like to be a reader, let us know. 
  • Would you like to part of an online creative writing/poetry group and share your musings from these strange times? Contact Anna if you're interested.

If you’re doing voluntary assistance work for your neighbours during this lockdown time, such as collecting their shopping for them, the community fund has time credits available. If you have ideas about an online event you would like to run, we have a Pro Zoom account you can use and also help with posting on Facebook and the website -  contact the team for more info. If you don’t have any ideas but could be a technical support person or facilitator for someone else's online event, let us know! 

Remember that your local coordinators are here to help and connect you where they can over this strange period. 

Kia kaha, ngā mihi nui

from your Tai Tokerau Timebanking team

Te Hiku: Paula Walker

Bay of Islands-Whangaroa: Charlotte Boss

Kaikohe-Hokianga: Graeme Kettle

Whāngārei: Greer Rasmussen

Regional Coordinator: Anna Dunford


Your TT Timebank Team