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Tai Tokerau TimeBank

Keep home and carry on Timebanking!

Kia ora koutou,

Welcome to your timebanking rāhui weekly round-up.

We're settling into a routine now as a coordination team and getting to grips with functioning via Zoom. We have regular events every week and occasional extras.

Zoom events coming up this week:

Remember you don't need to be able to get online to Zoom, you can phone in using a landline or cellphone, however this doesn't work so well for the sessions where you need to see what's happening as well as hear it. The Zoom links should work for subsequent weeks of the same event once you have them for a particular session.

Mondays - 2-4pm Crafternoons; grab yourself a cuppa and some handwork and join in the kōrero. Very informal. Contact Greer to join in.

Tuesdays - 7.30-8.30pm Gardening under Level 4; between water restrictions and shopping restrictions gardening is a bit more of a challenge than usual. Join a facilitated discussion/question and answer session. Each week we'll have a few experienced gardeners on hand to share how they're coping and answer questions. We can all learn from each other's successes and failures! Last week we covered quite a bit on mulching, and what to use and not to retain precious soil moisture. Contact Anna to join in.

Wednesdays - 11am-12 noon(ish!) Off Grid Homesteading; a series of practical workshops - this week Charlotte is teaching us how to make your own healing balm using foraged ingredients. Contact Charlotte to join in.

Thursday 16th April- 10-11.30am Mask Making with Jules; Jules will demonstrate how to sew your own face mask suitable to use during this pandemic. Contact Greer to join in.

Thursday 16th April - 12.30-1pm Lunchtime Sing along; Join keyboard player Ron Skerman for a sing a long of songs from the sixties. If you're on the shy side you can just mute your microphone so that no-one else can hear you! The lyrics will be shared on screen so no need to rely on dusty memories. Contact Paula to join in.

Fridays - 10-11.30am Alternative Economics discussion group; the current focus is on housing and alternative models of land ownership and occupancy. Contact Greer to join in.

Future events:

Wednesday 22nd April - 11am-12 noon(ish) Off Grid Homesteading this time will be making beeswax wraps.

Thursday 23rd April - 7-8.30pm Toastmasters online; Hokianga Toastmasters, our newest organisational member, are holding their meetings via Zoom during the rāhui and are extending an invite to all timebankers to join them. See their Offer for more details.

Remember if you are providing neighbourly support, eg through Volunteering Northland or timebank etc you can log your hours for timecredits using the Community Fund Request request provided 

If you'd like to donate timecredits to the Community Fund for taking part in any of the rāhui events please do so using this offer.

Other things you can do for timecredits

National Timebanking rāhui video - We received this message through the national coordinators network - "We were thinking of a short video compiled of some members from a few of the various New Zealand wide Time Banks – basically connecting each of us together in a video format. The basic format would be a 2 minute video from the member talking about how they are coping during the rāhui - what are they doing to maintain both the physical and mental health of themselves and those in their bubbles."

If you'd like to get involved...

Video Instructions -  Using your phone is fine

  • Landscape (ie hold your phone sideways) when video taping
  • If you can have someone else hold it while you talk – even better!
  • Make sure your volume allows you to be heard over any background noise
  • Begin by giving us your name and your Timebank [for us that's Tai Tokerau Timebank]
  • Give us some sense of what you are doing during the rāhui – what makes you feel connected; what are you doing to support your mental health; who is in your bubble, etc.
  • 2 minutes maximum
  • You can pause and move to another area and then restart your video
  • End with whatever you want to share!
  • email us to organise sharing your video clip with the video team and let us know how long it took you to put it together, we'll credit your account with timecredits for doing it. (We're assuming it'll take longer than the 2 minutes max for the end product!)

Sew face masks for community workers etc - Timebank member Ian Kaihe-Wetting works as one of the coordinators for the Covid19 testing stations in the Far North. He seeking reusable masks for those in the community who are vulnerable but can't access or afford supplies, and for non-medical care workers and staff based in the community like himself who are at the lower risk end of the scale but do still need protection. This would enable the medical grade N95 masks to be reserved for essential use only. At this stage he's looking for volunteers to sew face masks using a particular pattern that can be emailed or printed off and posted to you. If you have supplies at home you are willing to use that would be fantastic; if you're willing to make larger numbers Ian can organise getting materials to you or reimbursing you for what you contribute. Ian explained that the need for masks will actually increase as and when the Level drops down to 3, not decrease. You will earn timecredits for making the masks from the Community Fund. Contact Anna for the pattern and more information. 

Remember to check out the offers and requests, and don't forget to ask for help if you need it! You can ask your local coordinator if you're not sure about posting a request or need a quick response.

Kia kaha, ngā mihi nui


on behalf of your Tai Tokerau Timebanking team

Te Hiku: Paula Walker

Bay of Islands-Whangaroa: Charlotte Boss

Kaikohe-Hokianga: Graeme Kettle

Whāngārei: Greer Rasmussen

Regional Coordinator: Anna Dunford