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Tai Tokerau TimeBank

Stepping down a Level, and stepping up what's on offer!

Kia ora koutou,

We're almost back to Level 3, well done everyone for your part whether that's been staying home or being out in the community as an essential worker. It is very reassuring to see how well this country is managing the response to Covid19 compared to elsewhere around the world.

Level 3 will see some minor changes to our rāhui timetable of events as other commitments are sneaking back into people's lives that need worked around. So please check the times and dates of events. And to be on the safe side please contact the relevant coordinator to get links for those events that have changed days even if you've taken part before and have a link already. Our email addresses are at the bottom of the page.

We've been asked a few times if recordings are available of the workshops for those who've missed them. We've not been doing this, partly because there are lots of way more professionally filmed tutorials on YouTube covering the same topics - the value of our workshops is that you get the opportunity to ask questions as we go. However we are looking at running repeats of the Off-Grid Homesteading workshops on a regular basis. We realise that 11-12ish on a weekday doesn't suit everyone, please let us know what timings might work better for you and we'll do our best to factor that into our future planning. If you have a skill you think would be suitable to offer as an online workshop do get in touch, we're open to suggestions! The photo this week is from Greer demonstrating making beeswax wraps from her parents' kitchen in Auckland where she's been riding out the Level 4 lockdown - it just shows how geography is no barrier (internet connections permitting) to Zoom workshops!

National networking and opportunities

In addition to our own events we're very excited to be able to offer you a much broader range of online events for Timebankers as Wellington and Raglan Timebanks have opened up their rāhui events to all Aotearoa NZ Timebanks, as have Mid Canterbury Timebank with their upcoming quiz night which will take place via Zoom. We'll be looking at doing the same, so don't be surprised to see some new faces appearing!

There have been a couple of coordinators Zoom calls now for the whole country with timebanks represented from us in the Far North down to Dunedin and Cromwell. We're finding ways to work collaboratively not just during the rāhui but on an ongoing basis which is great as the national networking had lapsed in recent years. One of the prompts for getting us together wasn't actually Covid19, but discussions on developing new software for timebanks in this country to use. There is a two pronged approach happening - stepping up interaction with TimeBanks USA to shape their Community Weaver to better suit our needs, as well as working on a totally new platform. This is in recognition that getting new software up and running could take a while. A member of Wellington Timebank who is a software developer has made a start and would love to collaborate with with other developers. At the moment it's all being done for love/timecredits, but funding is being sought. If you would like to be part of the conversations around making what we have work better, or you have software development skills please contact Anna.

Expanding your bubbles

With the lifting of some restrictions it is okay to expand our bubbles a little. This makes more timebanking exchanges possible, but please do make sure you follow all the recommended protocols to keep everyone safe. If you are living alone you may wish to offer or request to join someone's bubble in order to provide or receive help at home, in the garden, doing shopping, real life face to face conversational company etc. Many more businesses will be open for 'click and collect', so there may well be more need for folk to do the 'collect' side of that for people who are more vulnerable and should be staying home, or who can't go anywhere without children in tow etc.

New members

The rāhui may have slowed down the number of new members, but it certainly hasn't stopped the flow! Our Off-Grid Homesteading workshops are proving a particularly good outreach tool. We're happy for non-members to come along to one of our rāhui events and can arrange with a local coordinator to follow up afterwards about becoming a member. Our local coordinators are getting well practiced at doing orientations via Zoom, but are looking forward to being able to meet kanohi ki te kanohi with you all again! As our numbers have still been increasing next time you're on the website click on Members in the sidebar, click on the Filters drop down menu arrow and scroll down and select Neighbourhood (or should I say Neighborhood given it's in American English!). A drop down box will appear in the orange bar - click on the arrow and scroll until you find your neighbourhood - click on that and you'll get given a list of all the timebankers living in that area. If you have moved please do update your profile, including your neighbourhood! If you're just temporarily staying somewhere else because of the rāhui there's no need to update your profile, but it would be helpful if you could let your local coordinator know.


  • Events organised by other Timebanks are indicated by square brackets eg [Raglan Timebank]
  • If there's no date next to an event it will be happening that time every week for at least the duration of Level 3.
  • TTT events all have an assigned coordinator looking after them, please contact them for the Zoom links - our email addresses are at the bottom of the page.

Mondays 2-4pm Crafternoons - tune in with your own handwork and a cuppa for a relaxed kōrero and sharing of ideas, tips and techniques etc. Contact Greer for the Zoom link.

Tuesdays 11-12ish Off Grid Homesteading workshop: Make your own products - please note the different day! Easy to make kitchen and bathroom cleaning sprays, toothpaste, deodorant and more. Contact Charlotte for the Zoom link.

Tuesday 28th April 1-1.30pm Singalong with Ron - join Ron Skerman at his keyboard to sing a selection of popular songs suitable for all ages. Lyrics will be shared on screen, and you can keep your microphone on mute if you don't want anyone to hear your singing! Contact Paula for the Zoom link.

Wednesday 29th April 4-5pm How to engage youth co-design/facilitation seminar [Wellington Timebank] Are you interested in fostering engagement when working with youth? Then this Timebanking workshop is for you! For more details see the Facebook event. Zoom link:

Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm Garden Q&A - please note the different day! Hopefully with restrictions dropping gardening will be getting easier, but there are always questions to be asked! Join our facilitated sessions, bring along your own questions, there will always be a few experienced gardeners on hand to help out, and you might be able to help out someone else. Suitable for all levels of experience, beginner gardeners especially welcome. Contact Anna for the Zoom link.

Weds 29th April 8-9pm Salsa for beginners [Raglan Timebank] with Sarah, wear something red, and bring a vino if you like! Contact Sarah on for more info and the Zoom link

Thursday 30th April 1-1.30pm Singalong with Ron - join Ron Skerman at his keyboard to sing a selection of popular songs suitable for all ages. Lyrics will be shared on screen, and you can keep your microphone on mute if you don't want anyone to hear your singing! Contact Paula for the Zoom link and to make suggestions of songs to sing.

Thursday 30th April 3-4pm How to make your own yoghurt/kefir [Wellington Timebank] make your own pro-biotic goodies as a tasty snack to keep you healthy, with tutor Malcolm. Please note this is using Cisco Webex meeting app, not Zoom. Click on the link and follow the prompts  Meeting number: 583 942 336  Password:mCahmiwt823 You can set up a free account in advance by clicking on the the link and following the instructions rather than leaving it to the last minute!

Fridays 10-11.30am Alternative Economies - a discussion group exploring the possibilities for reshaping life beyond lockdown. Currently focusing on alternative housing models with a view to putting a submission in to FNDC to make cohousing, intentional communities and other such models easier to put into practice. Contact Greer for the Zoom link.

Fri 1st May 11.30am-12.30pm Mindful eating [Raglan Timebank] workshop with Heidi. Contact Sarah on for more info and the Zoom link

Saturday 2nd May 8-9pm Quiz Night [Mid Canterbury] - this will be done using the breakout groups in Zoom, so you and your team members can consult on answers without hearing the other teams or giving anything away! Sign up yourself/with your bubble-mates or find others (up to 6 per team) to join you - you'll be put in a team if you don't have one. An explanation of how it will work, and registration is via this link

Further ahead...

12th & 26th May 7.30pm Hokianga Toastmasters Club is inviting anyone to join, free of charge, their online zoom meeting at 7pm - 8:30pm They are currently covering Zoom skills as well as general public speaking. For more Information about Toastmasters see For zoom meeting access details please message or email us: 

Community Fund

Remember that you can log hours done supporting people in your neighbourhood during the rāhui with the Community Fund as the service recipient, and you as the service provider. You can make a donation to the Community Fund for taking part in any of the rāhui events, or just because you feel like donating some timecredits!


Kia kaha, ngā mihi nui


on behalf of your Tai Tokerau Timebanking team

Te Hiku: Paula Walker

Bay of Islands-Whangaroa: Charlotte Boss

Kaikohe-Hokianga: Graeme Kettle

Whāngārei: Greer Rasmussen

Regional Coordinator: Anna Dunford