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Tai Tokerau TimeBank

Kia ora! Welcome to Tai Tokerau Timebank

Recent uncertain times have highlighted that it is even more important than ever that we help build community resilience and find ways to support each other. Timebanking is an excellent tool for this as it reaches out across social, cultural and geographical boundaries.

Timebanking is a way to trade knowledge, skills and services within a community, without exchanging money. For every hour you spend doing something for someone else, instead of dollars, you earn time credits.  You can use these credits to buy another member's time to get the services you need.

You can watch a series of videos introducing you to Timebanking on our YouTube channel here

A video explaining how to sign up etc can be found here.


Everyone's time is equal. No matter what type of work is done, one hour equals one time credit. Every person is valued equally. 

Our mission is to enable a means of exchange that values sharing the gifts we have with others, strengthening a sense of community and inspiring respect for each other and our environment.

This interview with former local coordinator Graeme Kettle gives a deeper insight into Timebanking as a concept


Mid 2019 Kaitāia TimeBank enveloped Whangaroa Timebank and Far North Timebank to create Tai Tokerau Timebank which covers the whole rohe from the Cape to around Whāngārei. Our membership is rapidly growing both geographically and numerically, and we expanded into Kaipara in 2021.

We have paid part time coordinators based across Far North, Whangārei & Kaipara District Councils. Anna Dunford and Paula Walker, based in Te Hiku, are the regional coordinators. Our local coordinators are:

Te Hiku West - Shona MacDonald

Te Hiku East - seeking a new coordinator

Whangaroa-Kerikeri - Barbara Belger

Bay of Islands - Jane Edwards

Mid North - seeking a new coordinator

Hokianga - Janine McVeagh

Whangārei Urban & North - Janey Pares Edney

Whangārei South & Kaipara - Viv Christensen

If there isn't a local coordinator in your area please contact Paula Walker