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Tai Tokerau TimeBank

Becoming a Member

Getting Started with Timebank in Tai Tokerau

  • Create a login and fill out your member profile with a photograph of you 
  • Complete the Google form you'll be sent a link for
  • Post skills, knowledge, talents and experience you may have on the TTT website to help other members.
  • Attend a short orientation, either online or as arranged with a coordinator (we can add a photo here if you need). Paula Walker will be in contact with your to arrange this.  This will give you full access to the Timebank site, allowing you to see other members, post offers and requests, get regular updates from the website and our newsletter etc.
  • Once we have completed an orientation with you, you are ready to timebank!

Our local coordination team are:

Te Hiku West - Shona MacDonald

Te Hiku East - seeking a new coordinator

Whangaroa-Kerikeri - Barbara Belger

Bay of Islands - Jane Edwards

Mid North - seeking a new coordinator

Hokianga - Janine McVeagh

Whangārei Urban & North - Janey Pares Edney 

Whangārei South & Kaipara - Viv Christensen

If there isn't a local coordinator in your area please contact Paula Walker


Please also agree to the following terms of service 

1. I give my consent to the Timebank Coordinator to:
a) Contact the people whose names I give for a character reference. 
b) Request a Police Check as required to confirm that I do not present a risk to Timebank members 
c) Share my contact details with other Timebank members regarding potential trades 

2. I have read, understood, and will adhere to the Timebank Code of Conduct at all times. 

3. I understand that photographs containing my image, taken at Timebank events, may be used for promotional purposes e.g. Facebook, unless I specifically request otherwise by contacting a Timebank Coordinator.

4. I agree to pay an annual Timebank membership fee either $15 per year or two Time Credits*  

5. I agree to pay my first annual Timebank membership fee within one month after the activation of my Timebank account, and thereafter annually on the anniversary of that date. 

6. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure my personal safety and the safety of my property while participating in Timebank trading and other Timebank activities.

7. I undertake to keep the contact details of other Timebank members private.

8. I understand & agree if I do I trade with someone which includes mileage, I will pay them for travel expenses (this will be negotiated between us).  This might be $2 for a Local Trip/20c/pKm (within 20 km radius)  and further being 16c/pKm. A return trip Kaitāia to Whangarei might be $50.

9. I understand if any materials are needed before a trade, the person offering will either be reimbursed, or I as a requester will buy any materials needed.

10. I understand & agree that all trades will be fair & agreed prior to exchange. Should I need something extra it will be the Timebank member's discretion whether it is added/done or saved for another time. If extra is done the member will be reimbursed accordingly.

11. I understand that I am able to bring complaints and compliments to a Timebank Coordinator.

12. I will always thank the member whom I have dealt with as I understand they have used their time to help me.

Annual Membership Subscription is $15 or two Timecredits

Paying Online  (let us know you have paid online, so that this can be recorded)

If paying online please deposit via internet banking $15 to the Eco Centre account:

Account Name: Tai Tokerau Timebank

Account number: 12-3096-0282025-02

Reference:  Your name as it appears on your Timebank Account + subs

Paying with Cash

If paying with cash, either please drop $15 into the EcoCentre, Shop 5/42 Commerce St (facing Bank St), Kaitaia, week days 10am - 4pm and let the person on duty know it is for your Timebank membership and ask for a receipt. Or pay to your local coordinator.

Paying with Time Credits*  (Earned through Help our Timebank)

Email Paula

and she'll check if you have the required timecredits and put the exchange through. If you don't have the timecredits earned under the required category she'll help you find a way to earn them.