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Tai Tokerau TimeBank

Timebanking Tips

The more we use it, the better it gets!

  • Don't hesitate to respond to an offer or request. This is how relationships and networks are built which strengthen our community. We are all here to earn and spend our time credits, so don't be shy in offering something you have and asking for what you need.
  • Please respond in a timely manner to calls or emails/messages you receive from your neighbours about the requests of offers you've posted.
  • After you've communicated with a member and a service exchange is appropriate, make specific arrangements how to coordinate the exchange.  Negotiate what might be involved - anything that costs, or travel may need to be added on top of time credits.
  • Fulfill the exchange and Record an Exchange, so that hours change accounts and the request or offer is completed.
  • Come back regularly and check out the offers and requests from other members. 
  • Do this again and again to help keep our community alive and flourishing!

Adding a link on your device home screen

There is a problem staying logged in to this site using the Safari browser on Apple devices thanks to them 'upgrading' their operating system. Please feel free to complain to them! However there is a way around this for both devices by adding a shortcut icon on your home screen, which is a fairly handy thing to have in any case.
Go to the website on your device and log in, then click on the 'share' icon (box with an arrow) and select 'Add to home screen' - you may have to scroll through the options to find this. Then you'll end up with our logo as a link direct to the site that seems to stay logged in (so far anyway!).

This can be done on other phones too, but you might need to search online for instructions specific to your phone. If this all feels a bit beyond you, post a Request asking for help! There are plenty tech savvy folk in our Timebank who can either do it for you or talk you through the process.

Website bug work arounds

Password resets: For security reasons, the website will block any attempts for your password to be reset from what it detects as an 'outside' device.
Work around: When clicking the 'Reset my password' link, you must use the same browser as you requested the reset from. For example if you use Chrome to ask for a password reset, when accessing the password link from your email, you must open that link in Chrome again. Also helpful to make sure to complete the whole process on one device (ie if you asked for password reset from your phone, you'll need to access your emails and the link from your phone too, don't switch to your laptop!)

Recording exchanges: Unfortunately the new release of Community Weaver, that recently came into effect, includes a bug that often prevents timebankers from recording an exchange.

When you:

  1. click on "Record an Exchange"
  2. choose to be the provider or recipient of the service (Step 1)
  3. choose a timebanker as the other partner in the exchange (Step 2)
  4. click on "Next step

You will often be shown a "Page not found error" and cannot finish recording the exchange. The developer is working on a fix for this issue, but until it is available the TBUSA tech team have a work-around for you.

When the "Page not found" error appears, in your Internet browser:

  1. click in the browsers web address (URL) field and then
  2. hit enter on your keyboard

If you continue to have problems please contact your local coordinator.


If you have any requests regarding a Working Bee you might need or a specific Workshop you could offer or would like, let us know.

We are also interested in hearing about any Special Projects you might have and need help with eg. beach clean-ups, neighbourhood tidy-ups, support needed at schools etc.