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Tai Tokerau TimeBank

Paying your subscriptions and making donations


  • Pay $15 via Internet Banking: Tai Tokerau Timebank 12-3096-0282025-02.  Add your name as a reference.
  • Pay Cash: at The EcoCentre on Bank Street, Kaitāia (round the corner from Subway), Tuesday to Friday 10am - 3pm, or give it to your local coordinator
  • Pay 2 Timecredits via the page : You must have earned at least 2 timecredits in the previous 12 months under the category 'Help our Timebank' contact Paula Walker to arrange this

If you can pay in $ that is really helpful as it goes towards covering our share of the annual license fees for the timebanking website which is run from the USA This is US$1,082 per year for us, based on the current number of members. If 50% of our members pay in $ we cover our subscription. However lately we've not been meeting that target, so if you can afford to pay your subs in 'real money' that would be much appreciated!

The original concept of Timebanks was that they would be volunteer run organisations, but the value of having paid coordinators has been proven time and again around the world. However between us we don't even have the hours of 1.5 full time equivalents so there is a limit as to what we can achieve without assistance from the membership. This is why we've switched to asking for timecredits to have been earned helping out our timebank. There is a list of ways you can do this on this page here. The more people who get involved with running our Timebank the wider the scope is for what we can achieve through it.

As our parent organisation, Te Pokapū Tiaki Taiao O Te Tai Tokerau Trust, is a charitable trust you can get a tax receipt for any donations made over $5 on top of your subs so that you can claim 33% back from IRD. You may wish to make a donation when you're paying you subs, or any other time, to cover someone else who isn't able to pay in money. Please make it clear in the reference boxes on the transfer what is subs and what is a donation so that Donna King, the Trust's Funding and Finance Officer, knows who needs a receipt and who to send it to.

Please note that there can be a time delay between online payments being received and our records being updated, so if you get a reminder after you have paid please let your local coordinator know so that they can check it has been received. 

If you would like to organise a fundraising event for our Timebank that would be wonderful - we'll happily pay you timecredits for doing that! Just have a chat with your local coordinator.

See also: Ways to 'Help our Timebank'