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Tai Tokerau TimeBank

Keeping our Communities Tidy

Earn Time Credits whilst picking up rubbish!

You might already be doing this when you're out for a walk, but did you know that there are several ways for you to earn Time Credits doing this?


Based in Whāngārei this organisation runs regular monthly clean ups which you are welcome to join in with and earn Time Credits.  Check out their Facebook page where you'll find info on the next clean up - Love Whangārei Monthly Clean Ups

F.O.R.C.E. is a charitable trust aiming to empower the Whāngārei district community to protect the natural environment through environmental and waste minimisation projects.

Karen Lee and Nicholas Connop, a.k.a. The Whangārei Rubbish Wrangler, formed the organisation 2018, and have been organising the Love Whangārei Monthly Clean Ups ever since.

* The Trust hopes to build on what they have already begun and expand into other areas.
* Grow the clean up events and help others in their efforts.
* Work with other organizations to be able to gather data for statistical analysis.
* Providing education and equipment for local waste minimisation
* Encourage: community, upcycling, education, alternative and events.

HOWEVER you can also earn Time Credits at any time picking up and recording litter anywhere you find it:

Te Tai Tokerau Debris Monitoring Project

Where: Anywhere around Te Tai Tokerau (it can even be in your street)

When: Any time throughout the year

How: EITHER a) picking up litter as you normally do, then counting it once you get home and uploading your results on our google form

This method is quick and easily done on your computer if you don't have the phone App.

OR b) using the free Marine Debris Tracker App to record each item as you collect them.

The project has now added a specific platform for recording discarded facemasks. If you find one, use this link to access the browser where you can record it. This is not specific to Tai Tokerau as it covers the whole of Aotearoa NZ.

The TTT Request for this is here: Just log the time you spend picking up the litter, recording it and of course properly disposing of it!

Check out the TTTDMP website for more info on how to help (including a link to the google form).

TTTDMP is also on Facebook 

Te Tai Tokerau Debris Monitoring Project or TTTDMP was initiated in 2019. This project is a collaboration between local government (Northland Regional Council, NRC), education providers (NorthTec), NGOs, and passionate citizen-scientists in Northland. The TTTDMP is part of a multi-layered approach that provides litter data for prevention, advocacy, and policy against litter in our environment.

Opua Rubbish Clean-up

Gathering at 1st Sunday of the month 9am outside Opua General Store (unless other location given) for a quick intro, and spend the next hour or so collecting as much rubbish as we can find. A great way to get a bit of fresh air and feel good by taking positive action to look after Papatūānuku and her inhabitants (if we're lucky, we may even encounter the local seal!)

Please bring your own PPE including High-vis jacket or clothing, gloves and bucket/sack for collecting in. Sunscreen and reusable water bottle also recommended on a sunny day.

Afterward we'll gather together for a coffee at Opua General Store - if you bring a reusable mug with you you can have a coffee for free!

Time credits available for time spent collecting rubbish. Any questions please message Charlotte Boss or email

Ecosolutions events

Whether it's being a tidy Kiwi in Keep New Zealand Beautiful week (September), the annual Beach Clean Up of Oneroa-a-Tōhē/Ninety Mile Beach (November), being Recycling Ambassadors at Zero Waste events like Waitangi Day (February) and Mangonui Waterfront Festival (March) or any number of other local events you can earn timecredits from Ecosolutions for turning up and pitching in. Keep an eye on our Events listing and their Facebook page for details of events as they come around. The recycling ambassadors need booked in in advance so that a roster can be drawn up for all the bin stations, but beach and community clean-ups etc just need you to turn up on the day!

Organise your own community event!

Our local coordinators will help you organise a community clean-up in your neighbourhood. If there isn't an organisation like those above to pay out the timecredits we can pay them out from our Community Chest, so you don't need to stump up all the timecredits to pay your helpers yourself!